Harness the power of an entire Talent Acquisition Team with one smart tool.

You don't need to spend a lot to hire better–you just need the right tool for the job.

Post all your jobs and organize your candidates from one streamlined dashboard.

SmartSourcing technology analyzes which job board is performing best and optimizes your spend

Psychometric assessment ensures you get the best and most diverse candidates.​


1. Create your job.

Define the skills and experience you rrequire with our easy-to-use job builder.

2. Share your job.

Using the tool, easily post your job to several job boards and social media sites.

3. Assess applicants.

Candidates easily apply to your job posting, are assessed using the Fitzii assessment. You’ll know how likely they are to succeed and thrive on the job.

4. Select.

You choose the right people for your organization. And just like that … you’re off to Perfect Hire Land.

Start posting jobs & screening candidates

$ 265
  • Choose job advertising options that fit your budget
  • Track applicants and sources
  • Interview only viable candidates

Spend your time on candidates who are worth your time.

The Fitzii applicant tracking tool does more than just organize your job applications–it helps find the candidates who will thrive at your organization.


With Fitzii, you’ll save time & resources by only interviewing viable candidates.

Goodbye subpar candidates.
Hello perfect fit.

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