Employee Love Letters for Fitzii

Last week at Fitzii we broke out the cake and celebrated our third year of thriving without any “management” roles on the team.

When we began this journey into self-management we had very high expectations about the difference it would make.

Somehow, the reality has been even better than we hoped.

In our last employee engagement survey 100% agreed that Fitzii is a “great place to work”. But there’s many other things to love beyond perfect employee engagement. So our people decided to write love letters to Fitzii that describe how they feel.


Matt: I love Fitzii because it’s made me a better person. The “bring your whole self to work” bit really sets an expectation that you’ll bring your strengths AND weaknesses. I’ve become more self-aware. I don’t hide my weaknesses like I used to (from myself and others), and facing that truth with this supportive team that cares about me makes personal growth almost irresistible.

Yuvaraj: I love Fitzii because I can completely be “me, myself and I”. I’m always given great advice and honest feedback, and no matter how others see me, I always feel special here.


Carla: I love Fitzii for creating a workplace that is safe and supportive, so that not only can we bring our WHOLE self to work, but where works helps us be our BEST self.

Andy: Thank you Fitzii for making me feel welcome and safe. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with brilliant and amazing people and giving all of us the chance to grow and truly find meaningful work.


James: Fitzii, I love how you welcome our whole broken selves, surround us with an empathetic and wise community, and encourage us on a path to healing, purpose, and growth. Fitzii, you make me want to be a better man.

Edwin: I believe that the purpose of life is to grow, and my definition of love is when a person proactively helps another to grow, without expectation or attachment. What I value most about Fitzii was described perfectly by Kahlil Gibran when he wrote: Work is love made visible.

At Fitzii, we don’t get work done through people, we get people done through work. That, to me, is love made visible. Fitzii has been and continues to be the greatest growth experience that I have ever been a part of (or even could imagine).


Anna: Dear Fitzii – I love you because being part of Fitzii means being part of an amazing team and feeling supported, and empowered, every day. I love you because working together to advance meaningful work for yourself and others feels incredibly satisfying. It’s also very satisfying to work somewhere your development both personally and professionally really matters. Finally, I love you because every day I come in to work, I leave having learned valuable lessons that I’m able to apply to my work and my life outside work.  – Fitzii, I’m yours.


  • Freed from work’s bondage
  • Meaning and purpose abound
  • Fitzii makes work love


Luz: Building a beautiful business with a motley crew of people who both accept each other’s humanity, and hold each other accountable to higher purpose and personal growth, is one of the most exciting and satisfying things I’ve ever done in my life.

In the process, I feel like I’ve become more human and experienced deeply connected relationships. That’s my idea of meaningful work!

Lori: Is it possible to say this just feels right? How do you really know? I think when you follow your heart and your passions you can find people and work that is compelling and you feel connected. Fitzii is a lot about creating that “story”. One that involves a journey of clients, heroes, peers and your own inner work. Sharing the love of who we are at Fitzii feels like paying it forward every day with each other and the world of small business.


Greg: My love for Fitzii is all about engagement, which for me has never been nearly so high at any other job.  It’s driven by lots of factors, like:

  • self-management promotes autonomy and responsibility,
  • I get to work on interesting problems every single day,
  • Fitzii and the broader company are purpose-driven, and leadership cultivates this continually,
  • And, probably most of all, a team of capable, bright, self-aware and fun-loving people makes dealing with peers a pleasure.


Shannon: One of my favorite things about you Fitzii is covered in a quote by Simon Sinek: “A team is not a group of people who work together.  A team is a group of people who trust each other”

Fitzii you and I “dated” for a long time and then finally decided to get “married”! One of the most wonderful things I have decided to do was to share my life & heart with you Fitzii!

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