How to Have a Great Conversation

Conversational competency, the balance between talking and listening effectively, seems to be a fading skill. Here are ten useful rules you can use to spur better conversations during your interviews.

Four Revealing, Must-Use Interview Questions

A business’ success greatly depends on the emotional intelligence (EI) of its leaders. In this blob, we provide four great questions that reveal genuine and meaningful information about a potential job candidate’s EI.

The Hands-down Best Way to Improve Interviewing Success

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How to Upgrade your Candidate Experience

Why interviewing candidates needs to be just as much about you impressing them as them impressing you.

The Piece-of-Cake Guide to Giving Candidate Feedback

With a few simple tweaks to your process you can transform the job of giving candidate feedback from a dreaded, avoid-at-all-costs task into an experience that sets you up for better hiring now and in the future.

Why it’s Crucial to List Salary Range

The research doesn’t lie: if you’re not including a salary range in your job ad, you’re missing out on some great candidates.

The Pros and Cons of Recorded Video Screening

After thousands of phone and in-person interviews, I thought there was nothing left to learn about interviewing. I was wrong.

5 of the Very Best Interview Questions to Ask

We’ve gathered five of the very best interview questions to ask for any type of role.

Increase Hiring Success 9x with Behavioral Interviewing

There is a simple and easy way to dramatically improve your chances of making a good hire.

Would you hire someone you’ve never met?

Could you imagine a world where an interview was no longer necessary for any hiring?