Resources for Making your Workplace more Diverse

Are you struggling with creating and engaging a diverse and inclusive workspace? Well here is a great site for you!

What motivates people to work and perform?

In this animated and engaging 10-minute video, we learn the three factors that lead to a hire’s better performance and increased personal satisfaction.

Should you Include a Salary Range in your Job Ad?

Younger generations are more willing to discuss how much money they make compared to older generations, and more companies are becoming willing to include salary details in their job postings.

How to Ensure Candidates are Completing your Job Application

The average application completion rate across industries hovers at around 10%. At Fitzii, our average application completion rate over the last year was 67%—that’s more than six times the industry average. This blog provides tips on how you can replicate our success.

Why Our Job Ads Perform 3x Better

Our professionally written job ads are at least three times better than the average job ad and 94,% more effective than the average posting on job boards.

Sell it! How to Attract Great Candidates for Sales & Marketing Roles

If you want to knock your next hire out of the park, here’s what you need to know about what the best sales and marketing people are looking for.

Skilled Trades Recruiting: A Research-based Approach

You wouldn’t get your VP of finance to sell your product on TV, so why would you try to hire an electrician the same way you’d hire an exec?

Using the SEO Approach to Job Titles

More eyes mean more applicants. More applicants mean a larger pool of qualified candidates and a better chance of finding your dream hire.

Five Great Job Ad Examples From Fitzii’s Hiring Success Team

Job boards are filled with mediocre job ads. The good news is that small, expert changes can each yield applicant increases of 30% or more.

What’s the Best Day to Post a Job Ad?

It’s Friday! Right? Don’t many job seekers use the weekend to find a new line of work? Actually, no, it’s quite the opposite.