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Changing Colors: Helping New Employees Go Teal

Joining a new organization can be a stressful process – getting to know the company, colleagues, customers, and discovering what the job entails, takes a lot of time and effort. The first few months in a new job are important to an employee’s long term success, and companies rightly spend a lot of energy on […]

How our Team Meetings Went from Average to Awesome

The Fitzii team works mainly out of two offices in the greater Toronto area and there is also a fair amount of remote and flexible working happening. Early on we held monthly all-hands meetings with the intention of getting everyone together, keeping up-to-date, discussing team-wide topics, and helping build stronger relationships. The first few meetings […]

Major New Fitzii Feature: Options, Options

Today we’re releasing one of our most important feature updates ever. It’s one that’s been frequently asked for and that we’ve been very carefully considering, since it’s in the direct territory of our purpose, our WHY – to better connect people with meaningful work. We’re really excited to have found a way to stay true […]

Product Update: Quarterly Release

Time flies! Hard to believe it’s been three months since our last major release. Here’s what we’ve been working on this winter: Multiple careers pages. Now you can create more than one careers page and select which jobs appear on which pages. This is great if you have an internal careers page or hire for multiple […]

The Surprising Power of a Great Job Application Process.

Last year we published survey data on how candidates experience Fitzii. As we mentioned back then, Fitzii wasn’t created just to give recruiters and hiring managers a great tool. We set out to provide value and a good experience to job seekers too (which, unfortunately, is rarely the case with most recruiting technology out there). We continue to […]

Big News! – Fitzii Teams Up with the #1 Nonprofit Job Board in Canada

We’re extremely excited to announce that this week we released a special technology integration that we’ve been working on since the summer. Our partner, CharityVillage, Canada’s leading job board for the nonprofit sector, has called this their “biggest announcement in almost 20 years of working with the Canadian nonprofit sector”. Why is this such a […]

Product Update: Customer Feedback Release

It’s time! We’ve spent the last few months working on adding a whole bunch of new functionality to the Fitzii system and are now ready to release it. We know you’re going to love the new things that are coming – Why? Because this is release is dedicated to adding features and usability improvements that have […]

It’s a Job Ad, not a Job Description

We’re currently in the final stages of testing for a new release scheduled for next month. It’s going to include a lot of great things and we’ll be covering all the new features and improvements in an up-coming post. In addition to the new functionality and user experience improvements, we’re also making one tiny wording change – The Job […]

The ATS is Dead, Long Live the ATS

I just read this article on The Failure of Automated Recruiting by an author we always enjoy reading at Fitzii, Liz Ryan. The article was forwarded to me by a business partner along with a question along the lines of “isn’t this bad news for you, Fitzii is after all an ATS right”?  – In summary, the article states […]

6 Qualifications That Really Don’t Belong in Job Ads

I’m sorry if you’ve ever used one or more of these yourself, but there are lots of qualifications listed in job ads that are just plain useless – they don’t help the candidate determine if they’re a good fit, or give them any clue as to what the job actually involves. Not to mention they’re […]